Forward-looking Tax Services for your growing business

There’s no replacement for peace of mind when it comes to taxes that are accurate and filed on-time. At Summit Accounting & Taxation, we want to bring this peace of mind to you, along with the convenience of handing off your taxes to a qualified expert.

Filing taxes is an unavoidable task for businesses and individuals that requires extensive knowledge of the law and a great deal of time if you aren’t experienced. It’s best to leave corporate tax services in the hands of skilled professionals who can save you from miscalculating information or overpaying the government. When you choose Summit Accounting & Taxation, your tax services are performed by trustworthy specialists who will help develop the best tax planning strategy for your budget. Conveniently located in Mississauga, Ontario we offer quality Accounting, Taxation and bookkeeping services.

Treat Yourself to the Best Tax Service

Don’t settle for mediocre when the very best is within arm’s reach. Summit Accounting & Taxation has been serving clients with the best tax services for years and offering peace of mind when it comes to the enormity of filing taxes. That fact alone speaks to our level of success in the industry. With us, you also receive customized help along the way from your personal tax advisor who is well-versed about your company and its everyday operations.

Our tax service expertise includes:

  • Tax consultation
  • Sales tax filing
  • Tax preparation for individuals
  • Tax preparation for business
  • Tax planning 
  • CRA audit representation
  • Tax resolutions

When you utilize the best tax service by working with us, you maximize the amount of money you actually keep in your pocket. Let us help you ensure that your bottom line is always protected.

Small Business Tax Services Done Accurately and Efficiently

Do you own a small business and are looking to grow? Small business tax services help you retain as much funds as possible to put back into your company. Our office has accountants who can serve your business and help you remain in compliance. We offer small business tax services for every scenario with a superior level of excellence and expertise. When you choose us, you can be assured that we are always looking out for your company’s best interest by staying up-to-date about changes in tax laws.

“If you are thinking about outsourcing your bookkeeping & accounting function, we HIGHLY recommend Summit Accounting & Taxation. Their team is part of our team. Whether it is basic accounting or managing taxes, they are there to help make sure things go smoothly. In addition to being great partners, they are really the best at what they do.”

John Houzer President

“I’ve been working with Summit for years. They are the most extraordinary people I have met. Brilliant, professional and perfectionists, they work equally well with CEOs and entry level staff. If you want solid accounting and taxation services Summit is your answer. I have never had an accounting partner as talented and pleasant to work with.”

Carol Robels Business Owner

“Summit Accounting & Taxation is more than an accounting firm. As a small organization, I rely on the Summit team to really help me navigate the financial pieces of my organization so that I can devote my time to the business. Endlessly helpful, always available, I know I can trust their team with everything….while knowing that things are taken care of!”

Amena Hadid CEO

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